This browser has many features and is definitely a strong browser almost anyone could use. Maxthon is 200% faster than Google Chrome, comes with a free cloud service to back up your book marks and notes, as well as other features like mouse gestures, anti-freeze and magic fill which helps fill out forms with only a single click. Maxthon is also easy to customize, with down-loadable themes and other features to help have it the way you want it.


With a world over powered by the use of social media this browser helps the user stay connected in an easy and simple way. Flock has features and extensions for every social media that you can think of. Since this browser was built on the same premise as Mozilla Firefox it has many features, extensions and add-ons to help bring the browser to be exactly what you need it to be.


Even though this browser is still in its developmental stage it still has a new feature that can help out people in business as well as anyone with multiple accounts on certain web pages. Stainless now has the ability to allow you to log on to sites multiple times underneath different names. This could help anyone with multiple emails or accounts without a program that can open them up for you.


Just like Flock, this browser is made to help out the user in the age of social medias. Instead of different apps to run like Flock, Cruz opens up multiple sections on a single screen which can run Facebook, Twitter and even allows you to browse the web while these sections are open. Cruz is only for the Mac OS and is not available for windows and Linux platforms.


With millions of different websites there has been many issues of compatibility. Well lunascape is the answer lunascape opens up three sections of any page that can show you the browser that is best suitable for the user to choose to view the page. This can also be used by web designers as they can use lunascape to have a preview of how the page will look on the separate browsers.