Since the release of the Google +1 button for websites, many website designers like myself have been trying to come up with ways to implement it across their website.  In its simplest form, the +1 button is relatively easy to add to a web page.  You can grab two lines of code and add them to your websites pages.

That said, Google has graciously provided several parameters you can use with the +1 button that control the look and feel of the google +1 button.  Google also added a way for webmasters to trigger a JavaScript function when someone clicks a +1 button.  The mechanism I’m talking about is the “callback” parameter of the +1 button.  In the web page below you will find how to implement a way to hide content until a user +1’s your web page.

In the next week or so I will post how to implement the same thing using facebook and if time permits I will explain how to add this to a wordpress template.

Code and working demo can be found here

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