Both WordPress and Blogger allow everyday users to create their own blogs and/or websites. Not too many people really understand the different abilities that each website has, so this post will guide you to understanding those differences. Now it’s a matter of deciding which website is more beneficial to you.

Blogger- The pros of this website include the vast variety of templates available to you that let you change layouts, colors, and fonts. Blogger also allows you to add and edit HTML and CSS.  Real-time tracking of visitors to your website is also available, this tells you when your blog was viewed (not by the webmaster) and it updates almost immediately. Blogger is ultimately geared towards more beginner users so the interfaces are very easy and straight forward.

The cons of Blogger are that you can only upload one picture at a time. It is also harder because if you wish to add a caption, adjust the size, or add a link because you must know HTML. Also with picture uploading, blogger only allows 1 GB of image storage unless you sign up for Picasa Web Albums.

WordPress- The pros of this website include that they have 100+ themes. You can also include a customized header image. WordPress offers many pictures to be uploaded at one time, editing and adding captions is also easy as HTML does not need to be learned. WordPress also allows 3 GB of image storage.

The cons of WordPress are that this website is strict with the template editing functions. There are also limitations with editing and customizing these templates. WordPress would take some getting used to if you are a beginner in blogging and web design.

Although Blogger has an attractive home page, my vote would go to WordPress for their more professional outlook on web design. However, which website you like better depends on your blogging capabilities and preference.