Every time you go on the internet to surf the web you must use a certain type of web browser. A web browser is a program installed on your computer that allows you to view HTML, PHP and other popular types of web pages. This post is to help you choose which of the most popular four to use.

1. Mozilla Firefox – A fast and reliable program that can be installed on any Windows OS and Mac computers. Mozilla has the fast load time between web pages but does have on of the slowest start up times. Allows multiple open tabs with a integrated search engine tool that gives users the ability to search with a click of the mouse. Also included with pop up blocker, easy customizing and parental controls.

2. Google Chrome – An efficient browser that works on all OS. Chrome has a slower browsing time than Mozilla but has a faster start up time than Mozilla. Chrome allows you to synchronize between your mobile device and other documents but does not have parental controls. Overall Chrome is a powerful browser with multiple tab browsing, pop up blockers and thumbnail previews.

3. Internet Explorer – Strong and powerful browser with the fastest start up time but still the slowest navigation ability. IE also cannot be installed on mac devices and only works on Windows OS. IE also includes multi-tab ability and pop up blockers. This browser lacks the ability to use a spell check while typing.

4. Safari – Safari is a browser that has average loading times and average start up times. Safari lacks some of the capabilities of the previous browsers with no zoom or parental controls but still has tabbing, integrated search, pop up blockers, Anti spyware and anti virus. Safari may seem average but still packs all the abilities of the other browsers.