Apple has a rapidly growing app store that gives Iphone / Ipod / Ipad users a wide variety of fun and overall useful apps. These apps that are mentioned are top of the line and by far the best possible apps to play on any Apple device.

Top 3 Games

1. Angry Birds – Super addictive but yet simple to play. Angry Birds is a game that allows you to use these special birds as ammunition to slingshot at the evil green pigs that have stolen the bird eggs. This game uses simple physics that can entertain anybody for hours on end that will make you not want to put your device down.

2. Plants vs Zombies – Simple yet difficult game that pins your yard of pod shooting flowers against a hoard of Zombies marching across your yard to eat your brains. As the game progresses the Zombies get tougher, by using traffic cones and buckets as helmets. After each level you get  a new type of flower that you can use to hopefully protect your much needed brain.

3. Fruit Ninja – This game allows you to hone your ninja like skills to slice the fruit but watch out for the dangerous bombs or else your game may come to a swift end. Fruit Ninja is a fun and addicting game that is fun for all ages and with different styles of game it can keep you entertained for days.

Top 2 Travel Apps

1. Kayak – A useful and simple app that allows the user to search for anything including car rentals, hotels, and flights. This app allows you to purchase you ticket or rental to save you valuable time. Kayak also has airport information and price alerts to keep you on track for your next vacation.

2. Yelp – trapped in a new city or simply on vacation Yelp allows you to find close dining areas along with the ability to see how expensive their food is. Along with time and days that the restaurant is open. Yelp also helps you find other useful places like the bank, gas stations or stores you may need to visit while out for the night.

Top 2 Music Apps

1. Mog – This app allows you to connect to  a central location and allows you to play or download from a massive library of music. Just connect via WiFi or 3g and you are ready to enjoy the music. Mog allows you to download and save songs that you may like to hear when you don’t have a connection to the Internet. Mog also runs in the background while playing music letting you play with other apps and still have your favorite tunes.

2. SoundHound – A completely free app that help you name that song that is right on the tip of your tongue.  SoundHound catches on to the beat of the song playing on the radio, at  a bar or where ever and accurately tells you the name and artist.

Top 2 Entertainment Apps

1. Kindle – Don’t worry about lugging all those books around simple purchase them or download them straight to your device. This will allow you to read when and where ever you want to. Kindle also has a wide variety of books that allows you to make in app purchases of the book that you want and it instantly downloads straight to your phone.

2. ESPN Scorecenter – missed the game last night? No worries this app allows you to look up scores and quickly updates you with breaking news updates. Better yet the app is completely customizable allowing you to see only the teams that your the fan of.