Every Web Designer is going to have to use a software that helps them create and maintain a Website for their visitors. These programs are the top of the line that can be used by amateur and professional Web Designers. Every Webmaster will have their own preference that they need to use and these software’s have the ability to satiesfie their needs for designing.

1. Adobe Dreamweaver – $399 – Right now Dreamweaver is a top of the line program that allows users of both mac and windows create a complete website in any program language. This is also including multi-screen previews, online templates and 24/7 support from Adobe.

2. NetObjects Fusion – $199 – Netobjects is a fast and simple to use program that makes the most complex tasks seem easy. This program has a large variety of templates along with the ability to easy make your webpage accessible from any smartphone device. Netobjects also has SEO to boost the number of visits to your site. This program includes its ability to automatically protect and store your webdesigns and projects in case of a disaster.

3. Visual Site Designer Р$49 РVisual Site Designer is a simple to use and user friendly program that helps beginners learn how to use HTML coding to create an amazing eye catching website. this program also includes free templates  and layouts to help get those creative juices flowing. This program is only for Windows users.

4. Xara Web Designer Premium 7 – $99.99 – A powerful and easy to use program that provides hundreds of pre-installed templates. This software can be used to make any website look professional and creative. Quick and full screen previews of your current and past webdesign projects. Includes a FTP software to quickly upload and delete files for useful for any fast paced web designers

5. Web Studio 5 – $179.99 – Easy and simple program that gives all web designers a competitive edge. The easy to use gallery or images with the elegant drag and drop feature makes adding backgrounds and images as simple as one, two and three. Includes easy to make buttons, shapes and menus that can teach all beginners how to be professionals.