WordPress is an intuitive utility that allows users to inform visitors through blogs, pictures or a website. The first thing that will catch a visitors eye. The following are the top designs that are easy to download, install and use to persuade visitors to stay on your WordPress site longer.

Top WordPress Themes

1. This theme is completely personalize able you can change the theme, pictures. headers and the footer. With the ability to upload your own logo. This theme also connects you to the major social networks keeping you in contact with your visitors.

2. Elegant and fascinating this is a simplistic design that doesn’t over whelm visitors and still keeps them on your page.This theme allows visitors to easily gain access to previous posts with the side menu bar.

3. Dark yet fancy and elegant background the gives any blog or website the edge. The links and style of the fonts contrasts against the background drawing the eye of the visitors to the pictures and posts.

4. Minimalist designs are becoming the design of the future and with this simplistic design the architecture detail and crisp rounded edges make this page a calming and easy to follow page for any web master.

5. This theme can make any beginning WordPress user seem like a professional. With its use of fading colors, quick browsing can make it look like hours of dedicated time when in fact its a simple install.

6. Developed and ready for the use of SEO. Installing this theme allows simple customizable themes and logos with a sleek and professional look. Any webmaster would be proud to call this their blogging site.

7. This theme looks like no other WordPress blog it is crisp with an elegant black and white contrast that can simply wow any visitors that come across this page. Its perfect for any starting photographers that want a competitive edge with their webdesign.

8. Spooky, mysterious yet creative blog that is also completely customizable even with widgets to keep your users and visitors entertain to allow your message, idea or details to be shown and described.

9. A unique and highly professional with sliding picture panels that will amaze all potential visitors or clients. this site is perfect for beginning photographers to show off their creative pictures drawings or creative expressions.

10. A simple dark theme with links and font styles that stick out to all visitors eyes. Also with amazing slide out side bars this site is a top of the line install that is elegant yet professional.