All web publishers should really consider adding Facebook’s like buttons into their websites. If you go to the Facebook For Websites page, you will find an overview of all of the Facebook plug ins available to designers.

Essentially, the “Like” button is a plug-in that will allow your visitors to show appreciation for what they are viewing. With just one simple click all their friends know that they have given their stamp of approval. For retailers, the “Like” button is more of a social endorsement. With one button click, people broadcast their fondness for a particular product or service by sharing it with their friends and family on Facebook. Visitors of your website then see a total of how many people like any given product or item—talk about a very easy way to find the most popular products in your e-shop.

Hiding content from Facebook users until they ‘Like’ your web page is a great way to increase the amount of fans following your page by giving users extra incentive to actually want to ‘Like’ your website. While this technique is not new and there are already numerous tutorials on the web about the subject our approach is a little different. We have simplified our technique in this tutorial to help alleviate some of the confusion we noticed from other tutorials.

The below link is the tutorial that will show you a way to hide content until your websites visitors click the “Like” button.

Code and working demo can be found here

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