Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessity to acquire more visitors to locate your site through search engines. SEO may seem complicated and time consuming but these steps will help raise your from the fifth page to the first.

Keyphrases – These are an important yet overlooked way to help get you seen by the search engines. They are a set of words that are commonly used that relate to your site.

Keyphrases should be placed in headers and footers also place these key words on your page in either bold or italics. Also these keyphrases should be submitted into your main and minor paragraph numerous times . These words should also be anchored to your links which gives connections to your page to other web pages and allows you anchor to become more noticed. Keyphrases should be placed as often as possible without overwhelming the visitor with constantly repeating your chosen words, These places include URLs, titles and pictures.

Search engine and human friendly URLs are amazingly help by using real words it allows the search engines to use them as keyphrases and helps visitors understand where they are going.

Links also contribute a far amount on your website. by connecting to your own pages multiple times it increases the possibility of getting your link when searching for your product or assistance.

A site map is a way to connect your main and important pages to allow visitors to come across them more often helping raise their awareness of your position.

METAtags are becoming less and less used by search engines but they are still used and should continued to be used to make sure that if search engines reengage the idea of METAtags you are prepared.

The Social Media is a way to get your name spread across multiple sites and becomes more recognizable by connecting to other social medias it expands your URL across the web allowing it to become search engine friendly.


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