a0377d6179fca0c7cc60d57100dcb299Gelly, is dealing with what is a stage III Wilms tumor, a rare Childhood kidney cancer, she is apart of a worldwide study, of 500 cases a year, she is a Rock Star! She loves music and swimming, the beach and playing at the park, she’s a dynamic little person. She’s so funny, she always wants others to laugh. She is pure sweetness wrapped up in a cutie pie… She loves to snuggle, she loves food, and ninjas, tea parties, and hair bows, dresses and boots, school and friends.

The thing that she teaches me most everyday is Love everyone, genuinely! She absolutely judges not, she loves with all she is. She’s the kid that befriends all kids. She’s a kindred soul…she’s our everything.

Giselle (Gelly) was born on June 7, 2008 in Smithfield, NC. She is the youngest of three, she has an older sister Kayela Jane 17, and a brother Angel Ray 12, Mommy Jennifer and Daddy Ramon decided to come back to our home state of FL when she was 3, we missed our oceans and family, so here we are!

Gelly has always been healthy, never requiring any special care or concern. Out of the blue on what was a normal weekend in August she begin feeling right side pain, the pain persisted and we decided to take a trip to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL, so on 8/12/13 we assumed she was experiencing appendicitis, yet an ultrasound revealed a mass in her right kidney, a CT scan revealed fluid in the abdomen and around the kidney, an MRI revealed the mass ruptured and she had fluid building up in her tummy, her first surgery was to stop the internal bleeding and biopsy the mass.

We planed on healing to readdress the mass and possibly dissect it out of the kidney yet an MRA revealed that vascularly that was not possible. This test revealed that the mass was in fact malignant and required a Right Radical Nephrectomy w/ lymph node sampling while operating she experienced some complications, it took two hours to get thru the scar tissue built up after the last operation, only 3% of the population experience this rapid generation of scar tissue, they also discovered a blockage in her intestine, also from the last surgery, she had major surgery to repair the intestine as well as the kidneys removal.

2b892a3fe8af20852bf0baf226245fa3My sister has been a rock thru all the operations but is also a wife to her husband and mother to 2 other children. I am trying to see if anyone out there can help her out. I have recently set up a Fundrazr account to see if anyone can help with donations. Her medical bills alone are going to be out there and also with chemo and radiation costs that are coming it is not going to get any easier. Plus not to mention the lifetime of medications this child will have to be on. This poor child went from happy and healthy to 3 operations since August. If anyone can help out it will be greatly appreciated.

Giselle has already been thru 7 straight days of radiation and chemo. Now she will be receiving both for the next six months once a week. Then will be tested to see if the cancer has spread.