The process of getting a Facebook Application ID to use almost all Facebook Social Plug ins on your web site isn’t that straightforward due to the lack of Facebook’s documentation on this subject.

What you’re actually going to do is register a Facebook App to enable your web site to use Facebook Social Plug ins. I really wish Facebook did not require us to do this but that’s the way it is and probably the way it’s going to stay.

If you don’t have a developer account, it will force you to create one. To make future access to the application information easier, I suggest you use your Facebook account name.

  1. Go to the Facebook and get a Developers Account
  2. If not logged in to Facebook already do so now.
  3. Click on “Go To App
  4. In the top menu area click on “Apps
    Click On Apps
  5. Click On “+ Create New App
  6. Enter a name into the “App Name” box
  7. Enter the security check text in the provided box
  8. Your App id will be in the “Summery” Section under “App ID/API Key
    Your Appid will be in the "Summery" Section under "App ID/API Key"

So there you go.  You now have an App ID. Your App ID is the value you’ll be using to integrate your website with Facebook’s so you can now add the Social Plug in to your blog or website.

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