For those of you that would like to use your Dolphin 7 Administration Panel to block ips you can login to your admin panel and navigate to:
Tools–>IP Blacklist

Here you can enter ip addresses or ranges of addresses to deny.
In this example I will deny to

Set the IP Role to deny

Click in the Expiration date, and the calendar opens to select a date when you want this rule to expire. I reccomend approximately 1 year.

You can enter a description to identify this deny rule so you can remember why you blocked it. Be as specific as you want.

Then click the “Apply” button.

Now you can see the rule I just created has been added.

Notice it says: “IP List Type is 0 : disabled

Enable this by going to:
Settings–>-Advanced Settings

Then find the Security menu/option.

Find “IP List Type (1 – all allowed except listed, 2 – all blocked except listed, 0 – disabled):

By default this is set to 0 – disabled.

Since I created a deny/blocked rule I want to set this to 1 – all allowed except listed and save the changes.

If you go back to:
Tools–>IP Blacklist
You can see it now says: “IP List Type is 1 : All IPs allowed except listed

Pretty simple. Add, remove, or edit them to your liking.

Spam can be never ending. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with too much, but undoubtedly at some point you will have some. The more popular and more traffic you get the more likely you will see span and have to deal with it.