Everything is constantly improving and becoming better than before even websites. Web designers need to learn what the consumer is looking for to stay on top and keep their visitors happy. There are five simple steps web designers can use that can push their site past everyone else.

1. Uniform look has taken a huge step forward. Instead of complex color schemes and every shade of color. Designers are starting to use between two and three colors to keep the background and images simply. Use other shades of your primary choices to bring out a sense of variety.

2. If you’re going to make a website that is one day going to be visited on a regular basis, you are going to need a mobile site so customers can visit on the go and more frequently.

3. Many consumers now have touch screen devices that allow them to search the web. Make sure that links are to small that make it impossible for a normal size human to press. leave plenty of room around links to ensure there is no accidentally link clicking.

4. The quick response has become a part of many Android phone users allow products, receipts, or flyers to contain the quick response ability to optimize the amount of people that will visit the site out of curiosity.

5. Be connected allow your site to connect to other popular social sites this can invite more and more costumers while giving the appearance of being every where. This also allows your self to become more heard of and more seen.